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Cutting Fabric

Ladies and Gents Bridal has been altering wedding gowns for well over 20 years. With our master seamstress, we are confident in making your dream dress fit like a glove.


One of the things that makes us special is our in house Alterations Department & encourage you to get your alterations done with us. We alter Wedding gowns to Bridesmaids, Tuxes, and Flowergirl dress, and even wedding guest attire. Appointments are required so book one today! You're only a stitch away from the perfect fit.


-Please be aware that should you decide to get your alterations done though us, the alterations will be charged AT A SEPERATE COST and will NOT be included at your time of purchase. 

-The cost of each alteration will vary depending on where and what will need to be done.

-Alteration fittings can range from

4-8+ fittings depending on the work needing to be done & is a step by step process.


-We accept outside Wedding Gowns/Formal Wear to be altered if needed. 

-Standard Alterations Only. 


Waist Measurement

-During your fitting we ask that you bring any specific undergarments that you plan on wearing the day of the event.
-Please make sure to bring the shoes that you will be wearing on the day of the event. 
-Please understand that the seamstress works from top to bottom and in sections to make sure she is getting the perfect fit.
-Please be prepared to pay for whatever alterations are being done that day, and understand that you may have separate fees on your next fittings.
-We do NOT double charge on work that has already been paid for.

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