Our Gown Try-On Policy

BRIDES are our number one concern here at Ladies and Gents Bridal, which is why we are setting a few guidelines for appointments and gown try-on visits. It is our hope that these guidelines will help to make your shopping experience with us the most enjoyable for both you and your guests.

We have noticed that reality bridal TV shows are giving brides the unrealistic idea that what they see on TV is what they should expect during their own bridal gown try-on visit and this, like many other “reality” TV shows, is just not truly reality. Bridal reality shows are only interested in making “good television”, whereas we are interested in the bride getting the most our of her shopping experience.

With this in mind, we have set in place a few store guidelines to help you in planning your next gown try-on visit with us.

  • Appointments for gown try-ons can be made and walk-ins are always welcomed.
    >>>>We always accept walk-ins so if your in the neighborhood, please stop by. But if you would like to make an appointment you can do so by calling us at 661-325-7911. Keep in mind that this in not a private appointment, there will be other customers in the store during your visit. If you are interested in a private appointment, they are available on Sundays at 10am. You must schedule your appointment in advance and there is a $100, non-refundable, charge. This must be paid in full at least 1 week in advance to hold your appointment. Private appointments are limited and based on availability.
  • A bride should limit her guests to 1-3 people.
    >>>>There are a few reasons for this. One, is that too many opinions will not help the bride make her final decision and will just be too confusing. In our experience, it is crucial that a bride be able to focus on her likes and only the few valued opinions of those closest to her.  Two, we do not have the space to accommodate more then 1-3 guests with a bride. The common areas in our try-on space can start to feel crowded and uncomfortable for all of our customers, their guests, and our consultants.
  • Small children should not be brought to gown try-on visits.
    >>>> This was a hard one for us, but we feel that the safety of our customers children is what we wanted to put first. There are many trip hazards and “non-kid friendly” areas in our gown try-on space that have lead to a few serious falls and accidents and we would feel horrible if there were any more accidents like that in the future. Additionally, as you know, little children do not have a very long attention span. They get restless and cranky especially in a store like ours, this can be distracting to the bride they are with and other customers. If children must be brought to a gown-try-on visit, there is a space in our lobby area where they can sit while accompanied by an adult.